Introducing… StartSwitch | IT Services

Today, we are proud to present our core offering: StartSwitch | IT Services. Our goal is to enable IT decision makers like yourself to be able to transform their IT by utilising open source solutions to their full potential.

StartSwitch | IT Services are grouped into six categories:


StartSwitch offers a multitude of services to deliver cloud solutions, from public to private, from support and design to fully managed environments, all based on open source software such as OpenStack, CEPH and Kubernetes. We can help you to operate these services on their own or to supplement an existing public cloud effort – while maintaining API compatibility.

Digital Transformation

A digital strategy is a the key to success for many businesses. In this rapidly changing world, StartSwitch is your partner to discover your potential and leverage the newest technology to give you a competitive advantage.

Digital Workplace

The workplace is changing rapidly. BYOD, SaaS, VDI and user choice are just a few of the current trends that shake up traditional IT. We can help you determine solutions that best fit your needs, advice on implementation and deliver robust solution to free your users and

Infrastructure as a Service

We can provide exactly the infrastructure that meets your needs, including bare metal servers, VPS, Kubernetes clusters, managed private CEPH clusters and other appliances.


Security Services

Information is the single most valuable good in the digital world – we can help you to protect it, both inside of your infrastructure and on devices across your organisation.

Network Design

We can design an implement a network from the ground up, including cabling, switch configuration, VLANs, Wireless and more so you can concentrate on leveraging the technology to get ahead of competition.


On this website, you can discover how these services can help your company to become more innovative and beat the competition through smart use of technology. Feel free to look around.

If you want to get in touch and arrange a personal consultation, you can do so here .

Posted by Jannik Malte Meissner

Jannik is the CEO and Founder of StartSwitch. As Cloud Architect and Technology Enthusiast he is always aware of the newest technologies and knows how to apply them to foster innovation and agility in both his own and client's enterprises.

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