Enterprise Mobility

Empower users - by enabling them to work wherever they want.

Enabling teams to meet at local cafes, work outside on a sunny day or take some work home and spend more time with their children is the goal of a good enterprise mobility strategy. 

StartSwitch can advice you on implementing enterprise mobility programs in your organisation, create readiness assesments and deliver complete solutions, optimised for your requirements. 

BYOD and User Choice

Let Your Users Choose Their Favourite Platforms

There are many benefits to giving users free choice which system they want to use.

Windows, macOS or Linux; Android or iOS - by letting your users chose their preferred platform you can dramatically reduce the volume of support tickets and your IT department can invest more time to innovate. 

% reduction of support requests*
after adopting user choice

What About Existing Software?

Existing Software can either be replaced by an alternative or served to users in many different ways: While many apps are supporting multiple platforms these days, others can be provided on virtual infrastructure, either directly on the user's desktop or via remote desktop or through the browser, giving users independence from a specific platform. 


*based on data from collecting as part of a user choice program at a multinational organisation

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Make Desktop Apps Portable

Some legacy applications may still require to run on a specific OS, making it harder for their users to adopt a different client platform or work from home or customer locations. 

With VDI, you can serve these applications either through a remote desktop client or directly through the browser and open new capabilities for where and on which devices you can work. 

Secure Your Data

VDI solutions can solve many data security problems, as data never leaves your premises - both workloads and data are kept secure behind your firewall, while your users can interact via Remote Desktop or thin clients.